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Holistic Care For Your Entire Family

Offering medically based massage treatments that help reduce pain and swelling, while increasing circulation.  We can help reduce stress, tension, resolve headaches, and pain in one visit.  Our treatments are a combination of deep tissue work, myofascial therapy, craniosacral therapy, trigger point massage, and structural integration therapy. 

*Other services offered through our online booking portal include

Post Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Myofascial Release Sessions

Combination Sessions

Oncology Massage

Patient education and advocacy are strong staples throughout our practice, which can help guide you to greater results more quickly!

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue

A deeper, therapeutic treatment often selected by those coming in with pain.  Pick a few areas to really get into in your hour long visit.  Pain is reduced, toxins get flushed out.  You feel better.

Upper Back Massage

Cranial Work (CST)

Craniosacral therapy can reduce headaches, migraines, pelvic inflammation, circulatory issues, and can aid in misalignment.  This treatment looks and feels different from more traditional forms of massage.  Mary can combine this with deep tissue treatments if needed.

Head Massage

Advocacy Sessions

Office Consultation

Consultations to help facilitate change in the management of symptoms for chronic illness.  Supportive talk sessions for families dealing with challenges such as death and dying, birthing, surgery, loss, and diagnosis of chronic disease.

Holding Hands

Pediatric Massage Consult

Mary is also a licensed pediatric massage therapist, working with the smallest and most fragile populations.  Treatments for our tiniest can help with sleep regulation, poor latch, constipation, excessive crying, ear infections, teething, growing pains, and tantrums.  Mary will lead you through a massage treatment customized for your most treasured addition so you can recreate this soothing experience at home for lasting results. 


Newborn's Care

Pregnancy Support

Doula Consultations

These visits help with birthing education, and the development of birthing preferences for labor and delivery.  Doula consult visits are useful to help you navigate the vast amount of birthing choice you must decide upon before your baby is born.  After your little one arrives, these visits can be utilized for postpartum trouble shooting with infant care, feeding strategies, breastfeeding consultation, sleep training, and babywearing. 


Newborn Baby with Mom

Prenatal Massage

Massage for expectant mothers to help relieve sciatica, upper back pain, hip pain and dysfunction, headaches, you name it!  Mary's prenatal massages are all done side-lying with special pillows to cradle every curve.  Her vast experience as a labor and delivery practitioner allow her a more comprehensive scope of practice resulting in an effective and in-depth treatment.

Mary also practices induction massage upon request and physician referral.  If you are overdue and ready to get things moving please reach out to her directly via text at (207) 245-0153



In Home Massage

The ULTIMATE luxury!  Mary will bring everything to you so you can relax and enjoy your session, travel free!


Aromatherapy Oil
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